Successful installation of liquid water isotope analyzer of Nanjing Lake Institute of Chinese Academ

Time: 2018-04-27



    On April 22, 2011, the liquid water stable isotope laser analyzer produced by our company, LGR, was successfully installed at the Nanjing Institute of Lakes and Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The equipment is the latest generation of liquid water stable isotope analyzer designed and produced by LGR Corporation of the United States. Its model number is LWIA-24D, with many technical improvements such as fast measurement and high precision measurement. Long-term continuous monitoring can be achieved.

       The measurement accuracy of the device can reach 18O/16O<0.07‰ and D/H<0.2‰. On this basis, the measurement speed can reach 1000 needles/day at the fastest. Such excellent performance will greatly promote the research field. At the same time, the device is equipped with a manual water and gas isotope measurement function, which further expands the application field of the device.

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