LICA attended the 1st International Symposium on Coastal Ecosystems and Global Change

Time: 2021-08-24

From April 16 to 19, 2021, the 'International Symposium on Coastal Ecosystems and Global Change', one of Xiamen University’s centennial anniversary series, was held at Xiamen University.

This conference is hosted by Xiamen University and the Chinese Society of Ecology. The members of the International Scientific Committee of the conference include the International Scientific Committee on Environmental Issues (SCOPE), the International Association of Ecology (INTECOL), the Pacific Science Association (PSA), and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). ) And the World Green Design Organization (WGDO). The conference was organized by the School of Environment and Ecology of Xiamen University, the Key Laboratory of Coastal Wetland Ecosystem of the Ministry of Education, and co-organized by the Institute of Urban Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Ocean and Coastal Development of Xiamen University, and the Key Laboratory of Sea-Land Interface Ecological Environment of Fujian Province. The conference was conducted simultaneously online and offline, with 50 participants from 15 major maritime countries including Argentina, Australia, Panama, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, South Africa, Norway, Portugal, Japan, Spain, Israel, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Foreign experts participated in the conference online, and nearly 250 experts and scholars came to the site for exchanges.

At the invitation of the organizer, LICA participated in this meeting and set up a product and technical service consultation desk at the venue. During the meeting, the sales engineer of the company answered some questions about the relevant equipment of the participants and introduced the relevant equipment of our company. At the same time, the SF-3500 soil respiration system, Itres hyperspectral imager, ABB LGR liquid water isotope analyzer and portable ground spectrometer were displayed to the participating scholars in the form of posters, and the instrument was explained, demonstrated operating skills, shared application cases, and won Unanimous praise from the participating scholars.

The coastal zone is located in the transition zone between the ocean and the land. It is the most concentrated area of population, economy and cities in the world. Coastal ecosystems play a key role in maintaining biodiversity, environmental health, and sustainable regional socio-economic development, and are the most important ecological security barriers in coastal economic zones. This conference shared new theories, new ideas, new methods, new discoveries and new results of coastal ecosystems and global change research, and discussed a series of challenges faced by coastal ecosystems and possible solutions. This conference provided a good platform for academic exchanges and cooperation for scientists from all over the world to gain a better understanding of the frontier dynamics of research on coastal ecosystems, and provide a broader thinking space for future research work.

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