IRGASON Integrated Open-Path CO2 /H2O Gas Analyzer and 3D Sonic Anemometer


                                                  IRGASON Integrated Open-Path CO2 /H2O Gas Analyzer and 3D Sonic Anemometer

Campbell Scientific’s IRGASON fully integrates the open-path analyzer and sonic anemometer. Designed specifically for eddy-covariance flux measurements, the patented design is easier to install and use than separate sensors and provides increased measurement accuracy. The IRGASON simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapor, air temperature, barometric pressure, and three-dimen­sional wind speed and sonic air temperature.

Benefits and Features

l  Combined support structure causes less flow distortion than two separate sensors

l  Truly colocated gas analyzer and sonic anemometer avoids flux loss due to sensor separation

l  Synchronized gas analyzer and sonic anemometer measurements avoid the need to correct for time lag

l  Low power consumption; suitable for solar power applications

l  Measurements are temperature compensated without active heat control

l  Low noise

l  Maximum output rate of 60 Hz with 20 Hz bandwidth

l  Angled windows to shed water and are tolerant to window contamination

l  Field rugged

l  Field serviceable

l  Factory calibrated over wide range of CO2, H2O, pressure, and temperature in all combinations encountered in practice

l  Extensive set of diagnostic parameters

l  Fully compatible with Campbell Scientific dataloggers; field set-up, configuration, and field zero and span can be accomplished directly from the datalogger

l  Sonic Temperature: Determined from three acoustic paths; corrected for crosswind effects

l  Rain: Innovative signal processing and transducer wicks considerably improve performance of the anemometer during precipitation events

General Specificationsb

l   Operating Temperature Range: -30° to +50°C

l   Calibrated Pressure Range: 70 to 106 kPa

l   Input Voltage Range: 10 to 16 Vdc

l   Power @ 25°C: 5 W (steady state and power up)

l   Measurement Rate: 60 Hz

l   Output Bandwidth: 5, 10, 12.5, or 20 Hz; user programmable

l   Output Options: SDM, RS-485, USB, analog (CO2 and H2O only)

l   Auxiliary Inputs: air temperature and pressure

l   IRGASON Head and Cables Weight: 2.8 kg (6.1 lb)

l   EC100 Electronics Weight: 3.2 kg (7.1 lb)

l   Cable Length: 3.0 m (10.0 ft) from IRGASON to EC100

l  Warranty: 3 years or 17,500 hours of operation, whichever comes first

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