CSAT3 3D Sonic Anemometer


                                                 CSAT3 3D Sonic Anemometer

Campbell Scientific’s CSAT3 3D Sonic Anemometer is the 3D sonic anemometer of choice for eddy-covariance measurements. It has an aerodynamic design, a 10 cm vertical measurement path, operates in a pulsed acoustic mode, and withstands exposure to harsh weather conditions. Three orthogonal wind components (ux, uy, uz) and the speed of sound (c) are measured and output at a maximum rate of 60 Hz. Analog outputs and two types of digital outputs are provided.

Measurements can be triggered from three sources:

Datalogger’s SDM command

CSAT3’s internal clock

PC-generated RS-232 command

The SDM protocol supports a group trigger for synchronizing mul­tiple CSAT3s.

Benefits and Features

l  Innovative design provides precision turbulence measurements with minimal flow distortion

l  Can be combined with EC150 or EC155 gas analyzers giving near complete colocation for eddy-covariance measurements

l  Compatible with most Campbell Scientific dataloggers

l  Measurements can be used to calculate momentum flux and friction velocity

l  Campbell Scientific’s fine wire thermocouples are an option for fast-response temperature measurements

l  Field rugged

l  Rain: Innovative signal processing and transducer wicks consider­ably improves performance of the anemometer duringrain events

l  Sealed sonic transducers and electronics



l  Outputs: ux, uy, uz, c (ux, uy, uz are wind components referenced to the anemometer axes; c is speed of sound)

l  Speed of Sound: Determined from three acoustic paths; corrected for crosswind effects

l  Measurement Rate: programmable from 1 to 60 Hz, instantaneous measurements; two over-sampled modes are block averaged to either 20 Hz or 10 Hz

Measurement Precision RMSa

l  ux, uy: 1 mm s-1 rms

l  uz: 0.5 mm s-1 rms

l  c: 15 mm s-1 (0.025°C) rms

l  Wind Direction: 0.06° rms


l  Offset error: <±8.0 cm s-1 (ux, uy), <±4.0 cm s-1 (uz)

l  Gain Error

     Wind Vector within ±5° of horizontal: <±2% of reading

     Wind Vector within ±10° of horizontal: <±3% of reading

     Wind Vector within ±20° of horizontal: <±6% of reading

l  Wind Direction: ±0.7° at 1 m s-1 for horizontal wind

Output Signals

l  Digital SDM: CSI 33.3 k bps serial interface for datalogger/ sensor communication. Data type is 2 B integer per output plus 2 B diagnostic

Digital RS-232

l  Baud rate: 9600, 19200 bps

l  Data type: 2 B integer per output plus 2 B diagnostic


l  Number of outputs: 4

l  Voltage range: ±5 V

l  Number of bits: 12

Reporting Range

l  Analog Outputs:


Reporting Range


ux, uy

±30 m s-1, ±60 m s-1

15 mm s-1, 30 mm s-1


±8 m s-1

4 mm s-1


300 to 366 m s-1 (-50° to +60°C)

16 mm s-1 (0.026°C) 

SDM and RS-232 Digital Outputs

l   Full scale wind: ±65.535 m s-1 autoranging between four ranges; least significant bit is 0.25 to 2 mm s-1

l  Speed of Sound: 300 to 366 m s-1 (-50° to +60°C); least significant bit is 1 mm s-1 (0.002°C)

Physical Description

l  Measurement Path Length: 10.0 cm vertical; 5.8 cm horizontal

l  Path Angle from Horizontal: 60 degrees

l  Transducer: 0.64 cm diameter

l  Transducer Mounting Arms: 0.84 cm diameter

l  Support Arms: 1.59 cm diameter


l  Anemometer head: 47.3 cm (l) x 42.4 cm (h)

l  Electronics box: 26 x 16 x 9 cm


l  Anemometer head: 1.7 kg (3.7 lb)

l  Electronics box: 3.8 kg (8.4 lb)


l  Anemometer head: stainless steel tubing

l  Electronics box: cast aluminum


l  Operating Temperature: -30° to +50°C

Power Requirements

l  Voltage Supply: 10 to 16 Vdc

l  Current: 200 mA @ 60 Hz measurement rate; 100 mA @ 20 Hz measurement rate

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