PS-9000 Portable Soil Carbon Flux Automatic Measurement System



PS-9000 Portable Soil Carbon Flux Automatic Measurement System


PS-9000 is a portable measurement system for measuring soil CO2 flux by dynamic chamber method. PS-9000 integrates the functions of control measurement, storage and data processing. It can measure the change of CO2 concentration in the chamber. At the same time, it can calculate and process the CO2 flux in combination with the data of its own measured air temperature, atmospheric pressure, soil temperature and other sensors.

PS-9000 can realize wireless operation through handheld controller, display various values measured by the instrument in real time, and modify various setting parameters.

Main features:


u  Flux measurements are accurate and verifiable;

u  Simple operation interface, one click to obtain results;

u  Light weight and easy to carry;

u  Low power requirements, convenient for outdoor measurement all day;

u  Without data post-processing, the measurement results are directly displayed and stored.



PS-9000 Portable Soil Carbon Flux Automatic Measurement System




PS-9000 Control Unit

Measurement principle: non dispersive infrared

Measuring range: CO2 : 0-6000 ppm, H2O : 0-60000 ppm

Accuracy: < 1% of the read value

Repeatability / Precision: < 1 ppm

Operating temperature: - 20 ~ 60

Power requirements: < 40 W

Storage medium: SD card

Communication interface: WiFi, RS-232, SDI-12

Synchronous pump: 12 V, < 0.5 A

Flow rate: 3 L / min

Battery type: 24 v- 8 AH lithium battery

Battery life: 3 - 4 Hours (single battery)

Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 16 cm

Weight: 6.8 kg (including single battery)



u  SC-12 Soil survey chamber 

Measuring Area276.27cm² 

Fixed volume of air chamber3451.00cm³

Cable Length2 m

Power requirements: < 2.2 W

Dimensions27.5 x 24.5 x 44.5 cm

Weight3.85 kg


u  LI-520A Soil temperature and humidity sensor

Humidity measurement range 0-100%                   

Accuracy±2%(0-50%),   ±3%(51-100%)

Temperature measurement range-30 ~ +70       


Communication mode: SDI-12                                   

Cable Length2 m



u  Ordering Information

1.       PS-9000: One host (Including one PS-9000, one soil temperature and humidity sensor, two lithium batteries and two lithium battery chargers)

2.       SC-12: Portable soil survey chamber (including 9 soil rings)




Support: Provide technical support and service for life

Manufacturer: LICA, China


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