G2910 Gas Concentration Analyzer


Within Picarro’s family of Ethylene Oxide (EtO) gas concentration analyzers, the G2910 Stack and Indoor Air Quality Analyzer has been configured to enable measurements of EtO at the source of emission. The G2910 supports measurements over a broad range of EtO concentrations, with support for complex gas mixtures, without sacrificing precision and stability. In applications where accurate, real-time quantification of EtO emissions is required, Picarro excels over traditional technologies, such as Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) or Gas Chromatography (GC). Quantification of EtO from stacks, abatement systems, sterilization rooms, aeration warehouses and building ventilation has never been easier.

Best-in-class sensitivity, designed to meet the most demanding regulatory requirements (ppt LOD)

Real-time measurements for real-time emission feedback (sec)

Excellent stability and continuous operation, minimizing downtime and data gaps

Easy to operate, and no consumables or pre-concentration result in significant cost savings

Small footprint, installed within minutes, enabling a wide variety of new deployments

High-quality stainless-steel components, an operating temperature of 80°C, and a small volume of the critical gas pathway reduces the propensity of C2H4O molecules to adsorb onto pathway surfaces, improving the measurement response time (< 10 sec) and eliminating measurement biases. Additional high-precision carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapor (H2O) and other volatile organic compound (VOC) measurements are used to ensure interference-free operation. The analyzer is housed in a portable form factor that enables fixed or mobile deployments (rack compatible), enabling field campaigns that were not feasible until now. With the addition of a multi-port manifold, you can characterize air quality from a variety of sources, expanding your services offering beyond present-day opportunities limited by incumbent technologies (e.g. FTIR).

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