G2920 Gas Concentration Analyzer


Within Picarro’s family of Ethylene Oxide (EtO) gas concentration analyzers, the G2920 Ambient Analyzer introduces a platform that supports long-term monitoring of fugitive emissions at the fenceline and ambient concentrations of EtO near communities. In applications where accurate, real-time quantification of EtO emissions is required, Picarro excels over traditional technologies, such as Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) or Gas Chromatography (GC). Quantification of fugitive EtO emissions from industrial facilities has never been easier.

Best-in-class sensitivity (ppt LOD), designed to meet the most demanding regulatory requirements 

Real-time measurements for real-time emission detection (sec)

Excellent stability and continuous operation, minimizing downtime and data gaps

Easy to operate, and no consumables or pre-concentration result in lower cost of ownership

Small footprint, installed within minutes, enabling a wide variety of new deployments

High-quality stainless-steel components, an operating temperature of 80°C, and a small volume of the critical gas pathway reduces the propensity of C2H4O molecules to adsorb onto pathway surfaces, improving the measurement response time (< 10 sec) and eliminating measurement biases. Additional high-precision carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapor (H2O) and other volatile organic compound (VOC) measurements are used to ensure interference-free operation. The analyzer is housed in a portable form factor that enables fixed or mobile deployments (rack compatible), enabling field campaigns that were not feasible until now. With the addition of a multi-port manifold, you can characterize air quality from a variety of sources, expanding your services offering beyond present-day opportunities limited by incumbent technologies (e.g. FTIR). With the addition of the G2920, Picarro now offers service providers, regulators, and researchers a selection of analyzers that are easy to integrate into next-generation CEMS, stack testing, fenceline, and indoor and outdoor ambient air quality monitoring systems.

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